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With the other parts...

Go Without Breathing

I continue to grow out of this
a disregard for the obvious
if we keep pouring salt on the wound(it won't heal)
so be happy that you could walk away
my heart, it's beating barely
and you walk around so unscathed(Its cause of you that I)

hold on, hang tight, meet when it's cold outside
please just don't act like you care
Close your eyes, press your hips, break my heart with a kiss
just don't act like you care.

we'll play a game of kiss and tell
i'll fall in love with someone else
you'll pretend to know more than you do(with these lies to my face)
im sorry it had to be like this
i should've made these obvious
three words you never wanted to hear
(fell onto my deaf ears)i love you

Fists in walls and songs that get us through this
breaking hearts you know how we do this
this is more than i can take
please don't act like you care

where are you now?
when will you come back?
where did you go?
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